Blame The Big Cat (Leopard)

That’s what I’m going to do, anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry for the delay, gang, but we’ve had a bit of a server issue here. OK, more than just a bit. Truth is, it’s been a mess. First, Apple decided to release their newest big cat, Leopard, out of the bag (as it were, LOL) in late October:


For any of you who follow our calendar (and I’m not saying anyone would have reason to, just if you did), October is about the beginning of “power hour” around here. I know everyone complains about the holidays being a stressful and overly-busy time, but for us, it starts up in October, and doesn’t really end until mid-February.First, it’s our anniversary on the 12th. Then, ten days later, it’s my birthday. Then in November, Thanksgiving, which almost always (these days) finds us on the road or a plane to someone else’s house, or hosting various and sundry folks at our house. Either way, though a great time, it’s a fair amount of preparation. Then, in December, it’s Jack’s birthday on the 15th, and before you know it, Christmas (again, a big travel-or-host day). And then it’s New Years’, other relatives’ birthdays, and then Meredith’s birthday on February 7th, followed by Valentine’s Day a week later.ย Whew! I’m just glad we get to have St. Patrick’s Day to blow off some steam in March!

So, anyway….enough complaining, LOL: we’ve been busy, yes, but truly, it was the installation of the new operating system which sort of threw me for a loop. Had this happened some other time, I’d probably have had the chance to deal with it long since. But, as we all know, I am a Bear Of Very Little Brain, and such confounding technology baffles me routinely. And (for you Mac geeks out there), OSX 10.5 (“Leopard”) was a major overhaul; stuff changed all around in different places, etc. However, I am back. WE are back. And rarin’ to go. I – alas – seem to have, er, “lost” all our previous content from the Olsson Family Homepage in all of that disk-restructurin’ which accompanied the new OS installation, but the good news is that we didn’t have all that much up there to begin with. So, without further ado (or blather), I now return you to your interrupted-but-still-regularly-scheduled-Olsson Family Homepage.

Welcome back. It’s great to BE back. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Blame The Big Cat (Leopard)

  1. Blow off steam in March on St. Paddy’s Day, but then immediately gear up for Easter and Spring Break…. you can’t forget those days!

  2. Hey there. Coincidence or what. I just ran across a note (while looking for tax stuff) with your blogsite on it. And TODAY you just accessed! unbelievable! Hey get in touch with me. I also hope you can view my site. Let me know because I may have to invite you in order to get access. Hey how about some photos from you? Haven’t seen those kids in ages…. xox dps

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