Erik And Carissa – Engagement Party!

Well, they finally did it, and though this won’t come as much of a shock to those of you in the family (since you’ve probably already heard), I’ll go ahead and announce the big news here, too, for all the world to read:

Erik & Carissa are gettin’ hitched!

So we threw them a party. Gory details inside.

Setting The Scene

Yep, friends, they’ve finally gone and done it. Or, as Pat put it so eloquently (in icing) on the cake (see photo gallery), “It’s About Time!”While we don’t think we’d have chosen exactly those words, we’re equally thrilled that they’ve decided to take the big step. We’ve only known about it for a short while, but since Erik and Carissa had a visit down here scheduled anyway, we decided to throw them a small engagement party here at the house. Here’s the photo album, which should tell you all you need to know. Click on the first picture to start slideshow in larger-format (Note: be patient, this page is being served out of our basement, not some schmancy, triply-redundant server in New York or Houston, and the whole page of images has to load before you can access the larger slideshow-format):

Party Setup The Cake Carissa and Kent Erik And Carissa Opening Gifts Jack, Erik and Carissa Erik With Bow Opening More Gifts What IS That? Opening Toasting Goblets The Kiss Lars and Beth Steven and Felicia Erik and Pat Cake and Candles Cake Advice Bemused Onlookers No, Honey, THIS way! The Happy Couple

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  1. Don’t know if it’s just me, but the “Photo Album” is only showing one photo above. If there’s more pictures, I’m not able to view them. TA

  2. Note: I also see in the browser status bar that is says “Done, but with errors on page” whenever I click the album. Being the techno goober that I am it probably means one of your scripts isn’t working correctly. I also tried it on both firefox and explorer. Hope that helps.

    • All right, is that better now? Took me some time to figure out what the heck was wrong. But I got it eventually (I think).

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