A few other updates

Life seems to come in soundbites these days…or is that soundbytes?  Well, here are a few:

M & J had their first sleepover mini-party at our house and we all survived.  I think there is still some popcorn ground into the carpet, but whatever.

Jack took his first solo ride on Meri’s bike sans training wheels!  He went about 20 yards or so, and decided that was enough of that.  But he’ll get the hang of it this summer, I’m sure.

We adopted two new kitties: Leo (Lio?) and Twister.  L is 3 years old and still rather shy but a complete lovebug. Twister is an 8 week old TORNADO. Sweet as can be to everyone except Hammie when she’s eating his food and he comes to check her out.  Then she hisses and he runs away.  

Lars:  “Jack, you were something else on those monkey bars today!”
Jack: “What was I, Daddy?”

We all knew Meredith was a reader, but it really hit home when I was working on a contract at home last week.  M picked up the policy and began reading it out loud.  Other than the pitch of her voice, you would never have known it wasn’t being read by a colleague of mine.  She didn’t understand it, but she sure did read it!

I got promoted, so please be sure to bow to my SVPness (that’s Senior Vice President in case you are wondering).  Now Lars wants a promotion AND a raise…jeez!

I’m old.  No, really, I am.  I am having my first mammogram tomorrow.  How did this happen??

That’s all for now.  Be well!

One thought on “A few other updates

  1. Hi Beth,

    You have no idea how happy I am to have this site up again. Thanks for all the filling-in. I feel much closer to you all (‘scuse me – y’all) reading the updates. Did Daddy ever respond to what Jack was??

    I miss you guys so much! I wish you were in SF, too. Maybe later.

    I’m glad you liked the flowers. There were supposed to be a couple of calla lillies in the bouquet and I’m curious to know if there were.

    You be well, too. Please give my best regards to Eric and his fiance.

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