Someone gave Meredith Yahtzee for Christmas…I can’t remember who, might have even been Santa, but she has become the Yahtzee queen!  She loves the game, and has a pretty good understanding of the strategy.  She’ll be a poker player in no time, I’m sure.  Seriously, it is so much fun to play a “real” game with her, rather than Candyland or Chutes and Ladders.  Next time you visit, we’ll have the get the game out.

One thought on “Yahtzee!!!

  1. I so loved playing that game with my sisters & cousins growing up. I wonder if Evie would have the patience to play…. Occassionally, I’ll still yell Yahtzee!! when I get something right.
    It sounds like fun, Beth, but I hope she kicks your collective butts.

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