Another update on Meri

Her HSP has gotten worse – she is vomiting bile and passing blood in her stool.  After a long day in the ER, she’s been admitted to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta for more tests and observation.  They are expecting her to be there for 2-4 days.  During one of the tests, we also discovered that she has three gallstones.  We don’t really know what that means right now, but are meeting with her GI specialist again tomorrow.  We’ll also be meeting with her hematologist as well.I”m sorry this is so impersonal, but it seems the best way to keep our extended family and friends updated.  If you’d like to call and talk to Meredith in the hospital, you can call404-785-5252.  Her room number is 239.

One thought on “Another update on Meri

  1. Beth and Lars,
    Your family is especially in our thoughts and prayers now. I have shared your postings with my family and we are all praying for Meridith and you.
    Cathy Lynn

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