Update #4,532

Or at least it feels that way.  It’s about 8:15 Saturday morning, and I’m going to head back down to the hospital soon.  Meri was feeling a little better last night and ate some rice and grapes for dinner which stayed down.  I ran amuck in the gift shop so she was happy about the diversions.  Two of the friends are going to come visit her today and she told every person that called or walked in the room that she was going to get a visit from them. :)Grammie watch Jack all day, and he declared it the best day of his entire life!  They went to Chuck E CHeese for play and lunch.  They went to Target and Grammie bought his an AWESOME transformers t-shirt and a new lightsaber.  They played outside on the playground thingy at Chick Fil  A for dinner.  And Grammie bought him his very own pint of ice cream (not to be eaten all at one sitting).  Grammie has also promised some actual vegetables will be ingested today. 🙂 The doctor told us yesterday that Meri will probably be going home on Monday.We are really looking forward to that!  Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!