Meredith was released today! YAYAYAY!!  We are so happy to all be home..Meredith told me this morning (before we knew for sure that she actually would be released) “I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed in my own home!”  She is still having a fair amount of discomfort, but is tolerating all the oral meds pretty well.  We are just chilling tonight, maybe we’ll play some Yahtzee!, and get a good night’s sleep.  She’ll be home for most or all of this week, and next week is spring break, so the timing is good for a long rest before we get into that final push of the school year.Thanks again to all the wonderful notes, calls, special deliveries and especially those of you who made the trek down to visit us at CHOA – the Ruffs, the Faulkner-Marascos and the Hufnagels – it meant so much to Meredith and all of us.  Meri is already planning her thank you notes.

4 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS!!! SHE’S HOME!!!

  1. I’m so glad Meredith is doing better! (I just heard about your crisis on the UUMAN announcement board.) I’ll keep all of you in my thoughts & prayers. Take care!

    Best wishes,
    Patty Odom

  2. Thank goodness she’s well enough to be home. You must be so relieved. I hope she continues to get better very quickly – poor little thing. And poor you too for going through all that! Our thoughts and hugs are still with you.

  3. That is great great great news. I am thrilled that she is so much better. A hospital is no place for a kid.

    Tell her that everyone here in Montreal is relieved that she’s home and feeling somewhat better. Tell her we say she can have all the ice cream and cake she wants. She can you know, mom!

  4. We are so glad to hear the good news that Meredith is home. Her Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois Olstad/Johnson/Brinker cousins will keep her and you in our thoughts and prayers for a restful spring break and a smooth road to recovery!!!

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