My Turn to Update

Meredith in Bed at Scottish Rite

Don’t panic, this isn’t from today, it’s a cell-phone pic I snapped during the worst of it.  Beth’s been doing pretty much all of the updates on Meredith, because she has a laptop from her job, and all I have is my phone, which is very time-consuming and difficult to update from.  So, when Beth was at Scottish Rite, she’d just update on her laptop, and when I was there, she’d update from our home computer.  So this is my first chance to really weigh in, since I was doing most of the bedside-stuff.  Good news-update after the jump:

Well, we appear to have made it through the worst of things, thankfully.  Then again, we thought that on Thursday afternoon, as well, and it turned out not to be correct.  This time, though, the difference is that the doctors at Scottish Rite wanted to be sure to avoid the mistake we all made on Thursday of thinking that just because Meredith felt better, that she was actually healed enough to be able to switch to oral (instead of IV) medication and be discharged.  To make sure we weren’t making that mistake, they took her off the IV on Sunday, and kept her in the hospital until Monday morning (OK, afternoon, really – but it’s “hospital time,” which – as you know, if you’ve ever dealt with it – seems one long gray smear, instead of actual regular time).  But although Meredith’s pain level increased somewhat after switching to the oral form of Prednisone (the steroid), she seems to be tolerating both her meds and food/drink pretty well.  She’s been home since mid-afternoon yesterday, and seems more or less OK, though we did notice some additional broken capillaries on her feet and legs yesterday, a warning sign to remind us that, although she seems 100% better, she’s not yet.  And if we don’t take particular care, she could wind up right back where she was this past week.  So keep your fingers crossed for us; we hope never to have to repeat what we went through this last week, and I’m sure Meredith especially wishes that.

Words can’t express the gratitude and the love we felt from so many who’ve reached out to us during this especially trying time for our family.  Most of all, Pat Anderson, Beth’s mother, who literally held body and soul together by doing the home-front jobs we couldn’t do, including taking Jack to and from his school, making sure he was fine, and even grocery shopping and cleaning around our house as Beth and I spent most of our time at the hospital.  Also my family, who called every day with support, and all those of you who followed Meredith’s progress here and by phone.  And especially those who visited; it brightened Meredith’s days like literally nothing else did.  It meant the world to her.  Thank all of you so much; we love you.