Update for Tuesday morning 4-8

Meredith slept pretty well last night.  After the morphine wore off, they dropped her down a notch to something called Torodol (sp?) and it seems to be helping with her pain while not knocking her out completely.  The doctor has put her on a full food/drink restriction – ice chips only – and she is unhappy about this to say the least.

The CAT scan yesterday showed no perforation, so we didn’t have to have emergency surgery after all.  Her red blood cell numbers continue to be normal (for her) and he spleen has not gotten enlarged which really surprises me given the extent of vasculitis she’s having internally.  I asked one of the doctors if this was one of the more severe cases of HSP he’s seen and without hesitating he said “Oh yes!”.  I guess if she’s going to do it, she’ll do it right!

My mom is back in town with Jack which is great.  So many of you have offered to help, and there are two things I’d like to ask for:  Meredith is going to be here for a full week, mimumum.  Based on her last stay, visitors make her day.  She perks up so much when her friends come to visit.  She’s not contagious and she generally feels OK as long as she’s got all the IV meds.  So, please, come to visit.  We are in room 432.  Secondly – Jack is bored to tears.  Grammie is a great buddy, but he really misses having his sister to play with.  If you can invite him over for a play date, he would so appreciate it.

Please keep her in your prayers, keep sending good thoughts.  This is turning out to be the spring of HSP, and I think her recovery will end up being longer than any of us first anticipated.

3 thoughts on “Update for Tuesday morning 4-8

  1. Oh man,

    I am so sorry to be reading that she is back in the hospital again. I’ve sent Beth some emails, but I can only imagine how busy you both are just trying to get by from one day to the next – but if you have a chance, send me your address, and I would love to send Meri and Jack some “Canadian” stuff. It’s pretty much the only thing I can do. Noah would love to have Jack come over and play but unfortunately, I think Montreal is a little far for a play date.

    Besides sending over some fun stuff, if there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    Hugs and kisses to all of you!


  2. Hey guys, I’ve been keeping up while we are away on spring break. I’m so sorry for all of you!!!! Big Jack says “get better soon Meri”, he was sad to hear she wasn’t feeling well. We wish we were there to help out with visits and playdates. Please know we have you in our prayers!!!!

  3. Oh no! I was INCENSED at how they treated you at the pedis. Managed care BURNS ME!!!! Bah.

    I’m sorry Beth….

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