The good, the bad and the ugly

First the good – Meri was finally able to eat some food this morning.  Other than 10 saltines and about 4 popsicles, she had not eaten since Sunday night.  She asked to eat 3 of everything in the cafeteria, but found herself to be pretty satisfied with one small biscuit.  Not surprising to me at all!

The bad – her blood count has dropped.  Two days ago it was in the mid 10 range (fairly normal for her).  Yesterday it was 9.4 and this morning at 4:30 am it was 8.2.  They’ve just ordered another stat draw to see where it is now.  She is pale (even for her), she’s cold and she’s tired.  None of those are good signs.  In the past, when she’s dropped into the low 7 range, she’s had transfusions.  I’m not sure what would happen this time or whether the vasculitis would complicate a transfusion.  All questions for when we see the doctor today.

The ugly?  ME!  After being here since Monday morning with the same clothes, I ran into Target, grabbed a few things including shampoo and a hairdryer, and I’m almost recognizable again.  I know I can’t stay here every night, but I’m finding it really, really hard to leave her right now.

We will continue to post as news warrants.

4 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Hi Beth and Lars,

    If it’s the smallest of comfort to you, both Lars and Bruce had to have their spleens removed before the age of 5, and look where they are now! I am delighted, as I’m sure you know, that Meri is now eating food, no matter how lilttle at this point. Three popsicles sounds good to me. 🙂 It is the hardest thing for parents to see their kids like this. It makes you want to leap into their hospital bed and take the pain and misery yourself. Thank God for your Mom!

    I want so much to be there for you, but I know you are in good hands. I put Meredith on the prayer list at church a week ago. Please tell Meri how sorry I am and that I love her very much. Jack, too.

  2. Lars & Beth,
    I think of you all the time. I cry and pray at the same time. I love you both dearly. I wish I could find the answers for you. I have a few medical friends trying to do research…. magic does happen. As a parent I feel you Lars when you say you just can’t leave no matter how bad you look or smell. My heart is with you both. Kiss Meredith from me.

  3. Hi Lars and Beth,
    I keep checking back in to see a post that everything is going so much better..
    thinking of you and sending all our love,
    rebecca and dave

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