We are home!!

Third time’s the charm, right?  They have upped Meri’s steroid amount, changed her stomach acid meds, given us stronger pain medication and, just for good measure, given us some anti-nausea medicine as well.  The good news is that (so far) she hasn’t needed either of the last two scrips.  Lars and I are cautiously optimistic, remembering all too well that last time we were released she went a full week before the HSP “broke through” as one of her hospital docs put it.  But she does seem better.  I’m noticing some puffiness in her face and feet which I assume is from the steroids and I also assume is temporary.  We’ve been completely strict about her diet and making her rest frequently.  We also are to visit her regular ped on Monday for a urine test and general check in.  Fingers crossed!!

Once again our sincerest thanks for all the love and support during this trying time.  I’ve heard from some friends I haven’t spoken to in ages, and while the impetus for contact sucks, I’m so glad to hear you and will be in touch soon, I promise!

3 thoughts on “We are home!!

  1. We are so happy and ecstatic for you all!! You’ve been so much in our thoughts and glad Meredith is feeling relief. Let us know if you’re up for visitors Sunday or if you want Jack to have a playdate at our house.

    Kristine, John, Corin and Brennan

  2. Hip hip hooray! I have called every day to talk with Meri, and yesterday I talked with Jack. I’m not prejudiced in any way, but they are great little ones. I too am waiting, and thinking good thoughts. She still sounds great and when I ask her if she has any pain, the answer is no. Great news. She should go “straight ahaed and on ’til morning.” No back tracking. I know this must be a tremendous relief for you and Lars. Me, too.

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