More bad news: Meredith woke up early this morning before dawn, complaining of an upset stomach again. We tried to administer her medication – the steroids, Prilosec and pain meds, but even the Lortab (essentially liquid Vicodin) didn’t help. She has thrown up three times again, and after a quick consult with the on-call Dr. at our pediatrician’s office, Beth is already en route to the hospital.

Since we haven’t even gotten to the ER yet, much less been admitted, I can’t give you any room number or phone number, but either Beth or I will update as soon as we get a chance, if people want to know how to reach Meredith. One of the best ways is by sending either Beth or I an email – we both can check remotely on our iPhones – or calling one of our cell numbers. Due to spammers and other malicious entities which troll the web, I won’t post any of that information here, but you can contact us via this link. You can just use the form to shoot us a quick email, or if you want our phone numbers and private email(s), you can use the form to fill out a quick password request, and you should shortly receive an automated reply.

One difference between now and Meri’s last three hospitalizations is that we have decided, on the advice of our pediatrician, to take Meri to Egleston hospital this time instead of Scottish Rite, which is where she’s been the previous three times. Egleston is the teaching hospital associated with the excellent medical school at Emory University here in Atlanta, and is considered the flagship hospital in the Atlanta area. Nothing against the good people at Scottish Rite, but there is a greater concentration of the sort of specialized knowledge appropriate to Meredith’s condition at Egleston, and we feel that since we’ve had the same outcome essentially three times at Scottish Rite hospital, it might be time for an entirely new set of eyes. Both hospitals are part of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta system, so they have full access to each others’ records in live format on a shared computer system.

Ordinarily, I might worry about a break in continuity of care due to switching hospitals in the middle of a course of treatment, but the shared-record system goes a long way to minimizing that concern. And, truth be told, in the 24/7 environment of a tertiary-care hospital (which both Scottish Rite and Egleston are), the staff changes every eight hours, and you often don’t even see the same people twice. I believe we’ve had no less than seven separate doctors since the time we started at Scottish Rite (and that’s not even counting whoever happens to be the ER doc who draws the “next” card when it’s Meredith’s turn). So I don’t feel like we’ll be losing much, if anything, by going to Egleston, and we might get a fresh perspective. 

One thing which is beyond doubt; this condition has continued to bedevil both Meredith and, by extension, the rest of us. If you are local and have kids that Jack has previously played with, we’d love it if you can find some time to take him for a play date. Beth’s mother just left yesterday mid-day to return to her own life in Greenville, SC, so I think we’re alone, at least for the moment.

Please keep Meredith in your thoughts, and, if you are religious, your prayers. 

3 thoughts on “DAMMIT!

  1. OMG… am checking airline flights for pricing just in case. I’ll call you to see what’s up.

  2. Meredith, Beth, Lars, and Jack:

    We are praying for Meredith to get well!! Chandler misses her so much!! If there is anything that we can do to help out–please let me know!! We will continue to pray for your whole family, and please tell Meredith we are thinking about her!!!

    Celeste and Chandler

  3. Janet and I are also praying and holding good thoughts for Meredith’s full and speedy recovery, as well as your entire family.

    Eric & Janet

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