Monday evening update

We are settled into room 433 at Egleston (I had been spelling it wrong before).  The clinical staff here seems top notch, and I find I’m really appreciating the collaberative environment of a teaching hospital.  The facilities themselves are under renovation, and our room is…rather dated.  The cafeteria is great, but the kids areas are pretty much just functional.  There is also no activity room on this floor because it’s just been redone and the varnish is still drying on the floor.

Meredith is going to have a kidney biopsy tomorrow.  There are some unusual test results that have caused her nephrologist to recommend the procedure, and after discussion, Lars and I agreed to proceed.  The biopsy will provide confirmation on HSP (which can be seen microscopically) and will rule out or possibly confirm other issues.  This is a general aneasthetic (sp?) procedure and she’ll be taken upstairs about 12:30 or so.

Her GI doc wants to hold off on doing a Upper GI Scope until after the renal results are back, so at least nothing invasive in that regard.

Her primary pediatrician is perfect – everything I could have asked for in a doctor.  She’s keen to gather all the information, develop a plan, and not treat this like ordinary HSP – because clearly it’s not.  She’s also a parent of kids of similar age, and I appreciate the empathy that brings.

Lucy is our hospital angel.  She’s with what CHOA calls “Child Life” and her role is to advocate for Meredith.  She explains procedures to Meredith, she answers questions that Lars and I may not know, and basically spends her time making sure Meri isn’t frightened or confused.  She was absolutely brillitant in explaining what the biopsy is to Meredith, how it will work etc.  She had a book with drawings of kidneys and pictures of the procedure room.  She reassured Meredith about things that would never have even occurred to me (“you won’t look any different after your biopsy”).  At dinner Meredith told me how much she likes Lucy because Lucy helps her feel a lot better.  Lucy even offered to go with Meredith to her biopsy and stay with her during the procedure.  She is truly a God-send for us.

As we were walking back from dinner, we were talking about superheros (typical conversational material in our house lately) and Meri was commenting on different superhero powers…invisibility, ability fly or swim underwater.  I asked her “If you could pick only one superpower, what would it be?”.  She thought for a minute and said “I would pick never getting sick again.”

Me too, baby, me too.

5 thoughts on “Monday evening update

  1. Poor Meri! Glad that she has Lucy…sounds like there’s a lot of comfort in someone that can explain on her level. Carol and I want to come visit…let us know when would be a good time. Sending good vibes your way!

  2. Beth and Lars,

    I am so sorry that you are all going through this! I just found out and wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to Meri as she goes through all her tests. My heart goes out to all of you. No one wants there child to be sick let alone be in the hospital getting all kinds of tests. Hugs to all of you.

    Rhonda (AKA Marky33 from friends talking)

  3. I’ll be thinking all day of you. Thank God for Lucy.
    Tell Meri that Meg sends huge hugs and kisses.
    She took Meri’s picture from her photo book and put it in her
    school backpack last night. Said she wanted to talk to her in case
    Meri needed a friend.
    Keep the faith Liz.
    Love Debi, Calli and Megan

  4. Hey, Olsson clan — my thoughts are with you today, as they have been every day of this ordeal. I am so pleased you are in a place now where you feel confident about the care and the care providers. Please tell Lucy they whole family is very grateful for her presence. Okay, that’s about it — just sending my love and prayers from San Jose.

  5. Oh, I could cry at her last comment! I guess you already had the biopsy by now. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for some positive, reassuring answers, and healing, obviously.

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