Something more upbeat for Friday

One thing that CHOA excels in is keeping up the spirits of their young patients.  In addition to our Hospital Goddess Lucy, there is a huge team of people that work hard every day to keep the patients not ony entertained but active and engaged in normal life.  Meredith has been attending CHOA’s in-house school every weekday.  The teachers often coordinate with the child’s regular teacher so they can keep on track with the regular school curriculum.  Each floor has an activity room where the kids can play.  Egleston’s 4th floor room was just reopened yesterday after an extensive renovation courtesy of Home Depot.  It’s called the Hawk’s playroom, and at their big grand opening yesterday, Harry the Hawk and one of the Atlanta Hawk’s players came in for the event.  Meredith and her new friend Samantha had a tea party on the floor with them.   They  have a lovely garden where kids can play outside when the weather is nice, and they have activities every day – yesterday was Bingo and Meri won a cool Harry Potter floor puzzle.  Her next door neighbor Sean had his eye on a game of Twister, and he was successful in his quest!  Pictures after the fold…

I know how much Meredith wants to come home and have life be normal again, but now that she’s physically feeling so much better, I think a part of her is going to miss having her own TV, a host of friends up and down the hall, spending all day in her jammies, room service for food and endless actviities! 

Last we heard, we should be heading home tomorrow (Saturday).  We’ll keep you posted with the news of her arrival!!

7 thoughts on “Something more upbeat for Friday

  1. Beth, I had no idea you were going through such an ordeal with Meri. Please know I am thinking of all of you right now. Nice to see Meri is still smiling. Kids are so tough! Everyone needs a “Lucy” it sounds like.


  2. Beth, I also didn’t know what you guys have been going through. I am so sorry. Reading through your posts has just moved me. Not that you need me to tell you this but you have such an amazing brave girl. Meri is so wise beyond her years. I’m thinking about you and your family and praying that she will be coming home soon.

  3. Hi there, Beth. Please know that you have yet another friend praying for Meri from afar. It sounds like you have some wonderful people putting all of their expertise to work for your daughter. I hope this will be Meri’s last visit to the hospital for a very long time. (Although I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot of people in that hospital who are going to miss her beautiful smile! I’m sure Meri has lifted the spirits of many!)

    You’ve been so strong throughout all of this! Take care of yourself, Beth! ((HUGS))

  4. I’m glad to see these pictures and hear this upbeat report. Keep the updates coming!

  5. Thanks for the update. Beth, it was so good to talk with you yesterday. Your voice told me you had come to terms with all that was happening. Your positive attitude made me feel better about being so far away. It also helped tremendously to see the pictures of Meri, especially after the one showing her curled up in bed. When you talk with Lars, please let the decision be based only what is best for you as a family. Hugs to you all. Love

  6. Hi Beth,
    Tried calling your cell phone (and Pat’s) today, but didn’t hook up. I was hoping to come down to Egleston for a visit with Meredith this afternoon, but it looks like she may be home –what wonderful news! What an awesome place, but enough already! I won’t intrude on your family time at home, but I would love to come and spend an evening with Meredith and Jack if you and Lars want to go out some evening after things settle down. We think of you all every day and pray that this will all be behind you soon.

  7. This post just made my day — thanks for sharing some of the good news. I know that Meredith’s coming home will simply begin a long, difficult period of recovery (with a lot of strong meds), but I will sure be happy to have her out of the hospital! Keeping you all in my thoughts, as always, and sending my love. Bruce

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