OK, I was overly optimistic

She’s still at Egleston, but should be coming home on Monday. ¬†They just want observation for 48 hours of oral meds now that she’s off the IV. ¬†Still, the homecoming is in sight!!!

One thought on “OK, I was overly optimistic

  1. I’m glad they are taking this more seriously and letting Meredith stabilize at the hospital now. We got to see her yesterday and although she looked tired she’s was a real trooper and a wonderful hostess. She showed us the playroom and all the cool new games, activities and toys. We met Shawn and his mother too. Seems she has good company. I hope the visit added a little excitement into an otherwise boring day rather than pushing her over the edge on an otherwise overly busy day.

    Sorry we missed you and Lars and we hope you two are holding up well. I’m glad to hear you’ll have Meredith home Monday and hope things even out from here.

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