A happy surprise!  They let us come home today.  I think the doctor honestly thought that some of Meredith’s constant eating and general “blah” was due to boredom in the hospital (she didn’t say that, but she did say something like “she’s going out of her mind here…”).  We already have follow up appointments with nephrology and general pediatrician, so we’ll continue to be closely watched.  Meri had a whole host of mixed emotions at leaving – happy to be going home to her pets and brother, really sad to be leaving her next door neighbor Sean with whom she bonded pretty tightly, fear/anxiety that she still has a lot of stuff to get through, anger that she isn’t completely well and can’t be like she used to be….  We agreed that we all felt a mish-mash of emotion today.

She came home and walked through the house to see everything.  Her friends in the neighborhood have been over and she’s been so much like the old Meredith, it’s been wonderful!  She also hasn’t been begging for food nonstop which has been great.  The doc said she could go to school for a half day for the next few days and we’ll play it by ear but she is THRILLED to get to go back after being gone for a full month.

So many of you have asked if there is anything you can do….besides continuing prayers and well wishes for us, I do have a specific request.  Months ago, we made arrangements for Lars to fly to San Jose this week for a very important family event.  My beloved brother-in-law Bruce is holding his debut conducting performance with the San Jose Symphony, and Lars is scheduled for fly out on Thursday for the weekend to celebrate with the family.  I have missed so much work lately that I don’t really feel comfortable taking these days off as I had originally planned. I would love to see if someone can watch M&J on Thursday and on Monday from after school until I get home from work about 5:30 (I would need someone to pick Jack up at his school).  If you can help us out in this way, we would so appreciate it.

Other than that, we are going to get back to life as usual…with a few restrictions.  Meredith has to follow a very strict diet, because of her immunosuppressant drugs, we have to be extra-cautious with not sharing food/drinks, hand washing and generally avoiding germ-infested destinations  (her doc put it this way  – “school is OK, Chuck E. Cheese is not”) and keeping up with four separate medications on a long term basis.  We are all feeling pretty upbeat right now about what the future holds for us.

3 thoughts on “HOME SWEET *H*O*M*E*

  1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear this! It’s going to be challenging but she’s HOME! I would babysit in a hot minute, except for living in Michigan…. I hope Lars gets to go, and WOW on your BIL’s debut conducting performance! Bravo!

  2. It is good to hear that Meredith is home. Janet and I are sending our love and prayers.

  3. Welcome home Meredith. I’m so glad you’re back where you belong. It was great talking to you Beth the other evening. I hope you’re feeling a little less stressed out now that your baby is home. I’m keeping everything crossed that Meri gets better very soon. Much love and best wishes, Ceri.

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