Meredith BACK in hospital

This will be an even quicker post, since I don’t know much at this time, nor, I suspect, does Beth. I’m writing from my brother’s apartment in San Jose, and I really wish I knew more of what was going on. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much to find out that we don’t already know. Meredith didn’t eat a whole lot of dinner last night, which is unusual since the increased dose of steroids makes her typically ravenous. Then she said her stomach felt “weird.” She slept in Mom’s bed in my usual spot last night, and this morning, she said she felt “weirder.”

Then – presumably after Beth typed the earlier post, LOL – apparently “weirder” became “ouchy,” and after dropping Jack at his school, Beth proceeded on to the pediatricians’ office. By then, Meredith was saying her stomach definitely hurt, and she threw up at the pediatricians’. They called ahead to Egleston and arranged for a direct admit for Meredith. Dr. Traina, one of Meri’s doctors last time, saw Beth and said, literally “Oh, NO!”

Oh yes. I think this time, it’s pretty clear that Meredith’s body is just not absorbing the oral steroids. Not sure why. But some people have body chemistries that reject certain things, or make them much less effective, and this seems to be the case in Meredith with regard to steroids. I don’t know much more than that, except that I am going to try to find a flight home as soon as I can. I will be sorry to miss my brother’s conducting debut, but Beth is already missing today at work, and won’t be able to keep Jack in school as well as dealing with Meredith in the hospital.

2 thoughts on “Meredith BACK in hospital

  1. We have just planned to have Jack for the whole weekend at our house, so Beth can do what she needs to do at hospital, etc. So no one needs to worry about Jack. Katie and Allison are looking forward to showering him with attention and spoiling him. We are sending LOTS of love and good wishes for Meri!

  2. So sorry to hear about this latest development – it must be so frustrating for you all when you just got her back home. I hope they get to the bottom of the problem very quickly and Meri is back on track with her recovery soon. Thinking of you and wishing I was nearer to help. Hugs, Ceri

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