Somehow, this feels familar…

So, as you’ve read, we are back.  Room 565 this time, in case you are interested.  Meredith spent most of yesterday in a morphine stupor and seem better, and much crankier, this morning (a good if somewhat annoying sign).

I’m really happy that the doctors have started a new therapy.  She is being transfused with immune globulin – this will hopefully counteract the white blood cells that continue to aggravate/inflame her vascular system.  They have never used it for HSP here before (it has been used elsewhere and chronicled in research papers), but they have used it with success for other forms of vasculitis.  It feels really good to be doing something different!  The transfusion is a slow process (12 hours) and she will be given two of them spaced apart by 24 hours, so we are here probably to Monday at least.

Lars was able to attend his brother’s performance last night.  I haven’t heard from them yet, but I’m confident it was spectacular.  I really wish I could have been there – and not just because I wish I was anywhere but here!  He’ll be flying home today (3 days early).

So, we are in somewhat of wait and see mode at this point…we’ll keep updating as news happens.

2 thoughts on “Somehow, this feels familar…

  1. Beth, Lars, Meredith and Jack – You are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope that this new treatment works!! Love, Cathy Lynn

  2. Hi guys – just checking in on Meri – I hope this treatment works. Please know I think about you guys everyday. Big hugs to all of you. Missy

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