Holding pattern

She seems slightly better this morning.  Not so tired.  The rash, joint pain, headache and obviously proteinuria have not changed.  I’m hoping they won’t send us back to Egleston this morning.  We’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Holding pattern

  1. You are in my prayers also. As Ceri said yesterday, you are living every parent’s nightmare – and I am so very sorry that you have to. I feel bad for Meri, being robbed of this precious time of her childhood, and you for the stress and anxiety and sleepless nights that should never be associated with being a parent.

    I hope you get some relief soon.

    Barb and Noah and Dragos

  2. I am sending healing vibes to Meri. Maybe…the flare up is because the medicine is working? You know how it seems like a sinus infection gets worse when you first start taking antibiotics before you get better? Like the forces are battling each other? I really hope, everything calms down now. I’ll be getting an Alaskan care package in the mail today or tomorrow. Hang in there and hugs all around.
    – Kristine

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