Nothing really new

We made it through the weekend OK.  Meredith woke up on Saturday and felt better.  It was what I would describe as an “intermittant” weekend.  She played a lot, but she complained about joint pain and headache a fair amount.  Her rash has continued to increase all weekend, but since nothing has seemed dire, we’ve stayed away from the hospital.  I’ve got a “check in” call to the doctor now, but I’m guessing we’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing.

We had a great visit from Bo Rains (Meredith’s classmate) and his mom Liz and sister Mary Margaret on Friday afternoon.  They brought us a roast chicken that we all agreed was some of the best we’ve ever had!   After the rain cleared out on Saturday, it turned out to be a fantastic weekend.  Lars and I spent some much needed time just chilling out, and we managed to get some stuff done around the house as well. 

My mom-in-law arrives tomorrow for a 2 week visit.  It will be great to have her here, and we are all so excited to see her.  Hopefully we’ll get some good pictures to post.

2 thoughts on “Nothing really new

  1. Well, I’m glad for the “up” parts of intermittent, then…

    Watch your mail for the next couple days…. :mrgreen:

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