The Dog Blog Ate My Homework

Well, gang, I’m sorry (and somewhat chagrined) to report that, in fact, the blog did, in fact, eat several posts. I was doing some routine maintenance late on Friday night, upgrading some plugins and changing some of the configuration, and when I was just about ready to go to bed, I checked the front page and noticed that several of the most-recent posts were inexplicably missing.

I spent most of yesterday trying to locate (or re-create) them, to no avail. The worst part of it is that I’m not really sure why our copy of MySQL would eat certain posts, but not others. And I wasn’t fooling around in that directory anyway. I sure hope that none of the new or upgraded plugins that I enabled on Friday are going to be randomly swallowing posts which we put up. In fact, would anyone out there who notices anything missing please drop me a line? Not anything before this post (or not anything that you’re just noticing now, let’s say: you can assume I’ve already found out about those). If you notice anything going forward that looks “off,” or isn’t where you know you saw it before, let me know. Thanks.

One thought on “The Dog Blog Ate My Homework

  1. will do.  i thought something looked funky, but fortunately i did read the missing blogs before eaten.  sometimes technology is a pain in the butt.

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