Fingers Crossed!

We switched Meri to all-oral steriods yesterday.  So far, so good.  If she stays the same, she’ll have her PICC line removed on Friday and will finally get to go swimming!!  It’s been killing her not to be able to swim with Jack and her friends.

Her nephrologist is a bit disappointed by the amount of protein in her urine, so he’s continuing to follow that closely.  He brought up Cytoxan again, but Lars and I are not ready to even think about having to make such a horrible decision like that (all the lovely side effects of chemo plus a risk of infertility v. continued kidney damage with possible renal failure/transplant), so we are playing Scarlett O’Hara and thinking about that tomorrow.  Hopefully her next labs will show some improvement.

Finally, to keep you updated on all family members, Twister, our 6 month old kitty, became very ill last week and had to be taken to the Cat Clinic.   Five days and $1,400 later, we got her back, along with a sealed baggie of all the items the vet surgically removed from her GI tract – curling ribbon from balloons, small Star Wars plastic toys and several other unrecognizable things.  Our cat, apparently, puts thing in her mouth like a todder.  He had to operate on 8 separate parts of her system.  He said he’s never in his career had to do such invasive surgery on a kitten for swallowing things she wasn’t supposed to.

Here’s to a healthy summer!

2 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed!

  1. Hokey smoke!  Have you changed Twister’s name to American Tourister?  I’d skip the tinsel on any holiday trees (if you put one up; now I can’t remember) this year.  Well, in any case, may the Force move through her digestive system. 😉 

  2. I’m sorry about the kitty!Great news about Meri’s imminent removal of PICC line, and let’s pray those proteins get in line!

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