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If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that HSP is pretty rare.  Meredith’s course of it has been even more rare.  As we realized what we were in for, we began searching for information / support on line….and came up mostly empty.  Lots of sites in the UK and a few down under, but virtually NOTHING in the US.  So we decided to create one.  While I helped with a lot of the content, Lars has almost single handedly created a totally professional-looking site…check it out as  I am so proud of his efforts, especially because he did this in HTML and not using some pre-packaged software.  (Did you know he also created this blog site from scratch)?

We are working on getting it some publicity now, but I wanted to share this with family and friends so you can see what great work he does the with Internets…

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  1. Nice job Lars!  Hope Meredith is continuing to improve and that you all will enjoy the summer!!You are in our thoughts and prayers always!!Cathy

  2. Wellllll…..I’d like to take credit for all those things that Beth said. Really, I would. But they’re not quuiiiiite accurate. So in the interest of giving credit where credit is due (and also in the interest of not giving the appearance that I’m trying to take credit for the work of others), let me point out that although I did a great deal of the work and configuration, I truly am standing on the shoulders of giants:

    If you look at our sidebar here, you’ll see what helped me put this thing together. To start with: the unbelievably-awesome (and still 100% free) Apache Web Server – still the best after all these years.  Also, this blog is (obviously) WordPress. I didn’t write the WordPress software in Objective-C and C++. I’m not that good on the computer, LOL 😀 That honor belongs to the amazing folks at WordPress, who also produce an open-source, free project for the public. If you’re leery of Google, or just don’t like their Blogger interface/features, then WordPress might just be for you. At that link, they’ll even host your blog, free. Or, if you’re more of an under-the-hood tinkerer, like I am, and you want to configure and host the software yourself, you can go to WordPress.Org instead and download the entire package. And the database in which this blog is stored is powered (as are so many these days) by the rock-solid MySQL. Heck, even the “theme” of this blog was created by Sadish Bala, a designer with a keen eye for keeping things simple and legible. To these folks, I quite literally owe this blog; without them, it would literally be quite beyond my abilities.

    Now, that said, it’s true that I am the sole DB Admin for our little blog – I had to teach myself MySQL administration (though I don’t claim to be any expert), secure it from attacks, set up the Apache server with the proper modules and permissions, not to mention the overall structure of the site itself. I also considerably tweaked and modified both the layout of this WordPress theme, as well as the plugins and addons which comprise the overall functionality of it. I feel like I’ve put in enough work here that I can legitimately call this blog “ours,” but I just think it’d be wrong not to acknowledge the efforts of people who did much more involved work in making this possible. Beth is correct in that I didn’t do a cookie-cutter, pre-fab site in any way….but it ain’t exactly as if I coded all this HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all by myself. Some of it, sure….but far from all.

    Same deal over at I used a WYSIWYG editor for the Mac called RapidWeaver for most of the editing of that site. It’s not as advanced or powerful as DreamWeaver, but it allows pretty full control over most aspects of the design. And again, I modified things pretty heavily for use with our site, to get it the way I wanted it. Again, a MySQL database, this time, with a phpbb forum on top of it. Again, I heavily modified a theme that someone else had created, did a bit of Photoshopping, etc. – so it’s “mine,” but not really. 🙂

  3. Cool idea on putting up the HSP site.Beth: Glad do see you know the proper form of Internets (always plural), but you failed to capitilize.  If we’re going to be intentionally incorrect, we need to be intentionally incorrect properly.Lars: You’re supposed to just let people believe that we weekend geekers are much smarter than we are.  Play the role of the voice behind the Wizard of Oz, and let them be awed by your awesomeness.

  4. The HSP website is truly wonderful.  What a great thing you have done for people — you should be justly proud of it.  And word already seems to be getting around.  Ain’t technology great?!  🙂

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