PICC Line Out!


Today, “Ms. Montana” – the nurse from our home-care company, whom Meredith has gotten to know and love, as she came to change Meredith’s dressing – came today and took Meredith’s PICC line out! We’ve had her on oral Prednisone for almost a week now, but left the PICC line in just in case she didn’t respond well to the Prednisone. But, almost a week out, we seem to be OK….so today, out came her PICC line! Meredith was pretty scared before it happened, but Montana was a perfect professional, and I don’t even think Meredith noticed when she did it.

So now, all we have to do is wait…and hope. After seven different hospitalizations, I’ve learned not to be too optimistic. But Meri has no new purpura – hasn’t for almost two weeks now – and she’s not complained of either upset stomach or aching joints. I hope that means that this is on the wane. Fingers crossed.

I also wanted to tell you all that we may be reducing our posts about Meredith’s condition on this blog. Of course, if anything truly noteworthy happens, we’ll keep all of you updated. But, as Beth mentioned below, we’ve decided to create a web site for HSP support – because we noticed there was no such thing in the United States. So, we created it, and part of it is a discussion board that we’re trying to get started, for people with HSP and their families. I think, from now on, most of the nitty-gritty details will be posted there. Anyone reading this who wants to come and keep up to date on them is more than welcome to, here’s the link.

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful news. Thank goodness. I’m sure you’re holding your breath but hurrah! for right now!

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