Getting away

After all the medical expenses (for both child and cat) and a new air conditioner and a new furnace (to blow the newly cooled air around), we decided that an actual vacation just isn’t in the cards this year.  So, I’m taking a “staycation” that patronizing term the media has been using this year to describe all the people in our similar financial situation due to the economy.  I’ve got the whole week off.  We’ve decided to use some of the time for some home improvement projects.  But the exciting part of the week starts today.

We are going camping for two nights at Stone Mountain.  If you didn’t grow up around here, SM is a huge, solid granite “mountain” that has become a massive park with lakes, fishing, golf, a laser show (Pink Floyd anyone?), hiking, biking, a train, lots of kid activities etc. etc. etc.  We’ll be staying in a tent, but with water and electrical hook ups, and heated “comfort stations” nearby.  We are all really looking forward to it.  And because we are going mid-week, it’s cheap as hell.

We’ll post soon with pictures and stories.  Until then, wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July – whether you are American or not!  😉

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun.  Have a great 4th of July, you guys — wish I could spend it with you…

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