Excellent news!

I got an e-mail from Meri’s pediatrician last night and her last protein/creatinine ratio (measuring the amount of protein in her urine) was 2!!!  Yay!  The previous one was 9.6.  Now, normal is .2, so we still have a long way to go, and she’s been as low as 1.7 before and shot back up over 10, so Dr. Roy cautioned against popping the champagne, but still, I’m celebrating!!

2 thoughts on “Excellent news!

  1. Oh, this is terrific news! So, it sounds like her kidneys are getting with the program.By the way, we got Meri’s thank-you card. So sweet of her to write it for us. We were touched by it and Sam was glad to know that Meri got the cards and appreciated them. I didn’t expect it, certainly, but it’s a great lesson in good manners for both kids involved!

  2. Beth, it’s so great that you have a reason to celebrate!  Sounds like Meri is doing well – what a relief!  I understand your cautious optimism, but it sure is nice to have a solid reason to be optimistic, eh?  My prayers are with you for continued improvement in Meri’s condition and an end to this whole chapter in her life!

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