I’m a groupie

The very first album I ever owned (yes, we had “albums” back in those pre-CD days) was Earth Wind & Fire’s Greatest Hits Volume II.  I have always loved their magnificent mix of soul, rock, blues and jazz.  Well, I got to see them Monday night at Chastain with some work colleagues.  We were at a table in the pit (if you don’t know Chastain, this means we were right up front with a table, candles, catered food and wine).  We were the fourth table back.  It was AWESOME!!  I danced and sang and had a great time.  During the encore, I looked at my friend and said “I’m going in!” and I (gently) pushed my way up to the front.  I got to slap skin with Verdine White, one of the founding members of the band, and I walked away after the show with a drumstick!!  I’m such a groupie.  It was a blast.

One thought on “I’m a groupie

  1. Um….dear? Although I’m tickled that you had so much fun at the show, I feel compelled to point out that getting a drumstick doesn’t necessarily make you a “groupie. Unless, I suppose, you had a different definition of “slap skin with Verdine White” than what I had been assuming.

    ‘Cuz THAT would DEFINITELY make you a groupie. Big time.

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