Nephrologists are fun!

At least ours is!  Dr. Greenbaum has the best bedside manner I’ve ever seen in a pediatric specialist (and I’ve seen more than my share!).  He juggles for Meri every time we see him.  He plays little games with her that get her laughing so hard her face turns red.  I usually laugh just as much.  He’s awesome.

We saw him on Wednesday, and although we didn’t have the results from Monday’s urine test, he seemed pleased with her progress.  They did a quick dipstick test which was positive for protein (as we would have expected) but we didn’t have the quantitive results.  She has had a cold recently, but it hasn’t seemed to cause a flare up of HSP, so I’m taking that as a good sign.  He said he wants to leave her on her current drug regimen until further notice, which was a little disappointing, but since her steroid symptoms have eased so much, I’m OK with that.  I’ll post her actual proteinuria numbers when we get them.


Got an e-mail this morning from Dr. Roy – her protein count is up a bit to .98.  This is still far better than it was 2 months ago, but it has not really changed much in the last 6 weeks or so (target is less than .2).  This could be due to her cold, or due to normal fluctuations in any daily protein/creatinine ration count.  Nothing that we need to do except keep up the meds and test her again in two weeks.  That test will include blood work so we’ll be able to measure her protein level in her blood (which will hopefully still be high).