Update on cataracts

We met with the head of pediatric opthomology opthamalogy opthamalogy whatever, you know what I mean..the head eye surgeon yesterday for about 2 hours.  He and his staff took about every conceivable measurement of Meredith’s eyes possible.  She has moderate cataracts right in the center of each eye.  When she is in dim light, the cataracts are not as bothersome because her pupils dilate and she can see around them.  However, in bright light, or when she’s reading, they are problematic.  If she stays on the steroids (which she needs to do for her ongoing kidney disease) they will get worse. We haven’t actually scheduled the surgery yet, but will do so probably next week after we make sure the insurance will pick all this up.  (medical expense have really started adding up and we long ago used up all our flexible spending money – and we had allocated the maximum amount).  Meredith says she’s scared but she wants do the surgery so she can see better.  Lars and I are feeling less worried and anxious than we were, but still feeling like “why the hell does she now have to deal with THIS?”.  Once she has the surgery and they implant the artificial lens, the ongoing steroid use won’t affect her.  So, I guess that’s all for now.

As always, thank you for your prayers, your wells wishes and for reaching out to us.

2 thoughts on “Update on cataracts

  1. Oh gosh…. My MIL says the surgery is not bad at all and she’s delighted now that she can see. (Hers is also not old-age related, but related to treatment for an unrelated condition).

    I’m sorry that you guys have to deal with this at all.

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