Yes, it really is that hard to find gas today….

Just ask my husband.  Or my co-workers, neighbors and friends.

Since Ike hit Houston, our supply of gas has been dwindling.  While this was not a total surprise – it happened after Katrina and Rita as well – it is surprising that it hasn’t gotten any better yet.  And they aren’t expecting it to for a few more weeks.

I’ve been watching the needle on my gauge slowly drop, and have started looking for a station.  A few days ago, when I had half a tank, I saw 2 or 3 stations with gas, but the line of drivers was literally 20-25 cars long and I decided to keep looking.  This morning, when I had less than a quarter of a tank.  I couldn’t find any at all.  I passed 7 stations.

Then Lars called about 10:45.  He had to take Meredith all the way down to Egleston for her post-op check up (things are going well!) and realized he needed gas too.  None to be found.  He got her to the appointment and back up to school, passing probably 15 stations along the way. NONE of them had gas.  His needle was below the empty mark and he was worried.  He finally found a station, but said there was a line of cars all the way down street waiting.  I went out to a lunch appointment, and on the way, found a station with gas.  They were rationing it to 8 gallons per customer, so I bought 2 one-gallon gas cans, filled them up and put six gallons in my car.  I called Lars and told him that if he stalled before he got to the pump that I would come rescue him.

I didn’t hear from him, and assumed all was well.  After lunch (well over an hour later) I called him again….he was STILL in line waiting for gas!!!!  At least at that station, they let him have 10 gallons.

So, both cars are now half full, and he and I need to get half-tanked!

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