Sudden loss

Our cat Leo went missing a few days ago.  He’s an indoor only cat, but we worried that he slipped out when one of the kids had the door open or something.  We looked, inside and out, and called for him to no avail.  Then yesterday, he suddenly appeared in my bathroom, looking quite ill.  We were literally on our way to the hospital for Meri’s surgery, so we locked him in the bathroom to keep him from going into hiding again, and as we were driving home that afternoon, called the vet to make an appointment for him.

Lars took him in, and it turns out he had a terrible internal abscess.  The doctor couldn’t find any puncture wounds or anything, but he needed some IV antibiotics and to have the abscess drained/cleaned.  We expected to pick him up the next day.

Unfortunately, it was not to be.  The vet called us about 6:30 last night to tell us Leo had a heart attack and died.  We were shocked, and are so sad.  He really was just about the most perfect, lovable cat you can imagine.  We haven’t told the kids yet as we are concerned about Meredith crying so soon after her surgery.

We miss you Leo, and we’re glad you spent your last few months as part of our family.

Snuggle bugs!

Snuggle bugs!

One thought on “Sudden loss

  1. Oh my gosh…you poor guys. Is it something in the air in Georgia???????

    I don’t remember going through the amount of stuff when you and Bruce were little.

    I’m truly sorry for all of you, and I know this is especially hard on you Lars. There’s gotta be another black (if that’s what you want) cat out there with your name on it.

    I’ll give you a call tomorrow..

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