I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!!!

Tomorrow I get to fly to San Francisco (Sweet Mother Homeland) with my whole family, and be in the most amazing city in the world in time to celebrate YES on President Obama and NO on California’s Proposition 8.  I get to see my brother-in-law whom I love like my own.  I get to get away from the stress of life in Atlanta over the last 6 months.   I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight from excitement.

I know many people are feeling simply burned out by the pre-election madness.  And I have felt that too.  Until now.  Now I really feel hopeful, optimistic, eager, confident that things are actually going to change for the better.  I actually feel positively giddy!  We’ll be moving away from the erosion of civil rights, the perpetual fear mongering and the complete lack of accountability we’ve suffered for the last 8 years and moving to real, substantial life-improving change for so many people.

And I pray, with all my heart and soul, that discrimination and institutionalized hatred are defeated tomorrow in California (and Arizona and Florida).  If you remove religion from the issue of gay marriage, there is no issue at all.  My brother in law deserves the same rights, and their accompanying responsibilities, that I do.

Enjoy the moment. Celebrate the day! It will be historic, on many levels!