Yes we can!

I was going to put something in the title like “Happy Days Are Here Again”.  But the truth is, I no longer feel giddy.  I feel inspired and resolute and deeply relieved.  President Elect Obama’s speech tonight literally moved me to tears.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, as one big purple country, and I for one can’t wait to get started.

Lars said he heard this quote recently and I think it’s amazing.

Rosa sat so Martin could march.  Martin marched so Obama could run.  Obama ran so our children can fly.

Well done, Mr. President-elect, well done.

2 thoughts on “Yes we can!

  1. I was completely moved by his speech last night. I can not WAIT to see how things change for our country now. What a historical moment…

  2. I was moved by his speech as well. His attitude of inclusiveness is exactly what we need. “I may not have earned your vote, but I hear your voice.” The man is something, huh?

    I thought McCain’s speech was eloquent, gracious and dare I say, classy. Well done.

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