Military Plane Crashes In San Diego, less than two miles from the house I grew up in…where my mother still lives:

The plane webt down in University Town Center near Interstate 805 at about noon. Aerials of the crash scene show debris in the street and most of one home destroyed.  The smoke is so thick at the corner of Huggins and Lipmann that it’s making it difficult to breathe, prompting some homeowners to voluntarily evacuate the area.

I’m trying to remember whether any of my old childhood friends/acquaintances live on those streets. I know for sure I’ve been on them many, many times. Just a question of trying to remember why/visiting whom? I hope everyone’s OK.

Google map of crash site in University City

On this map (thanks, Google!), the A flag is the house I grew up in, and the B flag is where the crash supposedly destroyed at least one house. Google says that’s 1.9 miles by car. Yikes. Too close for comfort. Miramar Naval air station is just a little bit further out to the east (and a bit north), and the famous Top Gun school is there. Military planes in the skies over that part of San Diego are as common as sparrows, nearly, so I guess that just by the law of averages, one of them was bound to crash someday…I just never really thought about it. And I certainly never figured that my own house (well, my folks’ house) might be in the blast zone.

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  1. Thank god there appear to be no casualties (including, miraculously, the pilot). Also, Mom is safe and sound. So, I suppose all’s well that ends well. Very scary, though…

    • Wow. That footage is even scarier, especially in light of the late-breaking news that there were actually fatalities involved. I was just sitting at home, having my normal day, and Beth called me to let me know (she keeps CNN in a browser window at work, and found out about it within an hour of it happening). When she called, she just said “San Diego,” which wouldn’t really concern me on a personal level any more than it would have in any other place in the US. Yeah, I grew up there, but most of my old high-school friends are long-gone, and San Diego is a big, spread-out city. The chances that anyone I knew would have been anywhere near the crash site would be small. But I asked “where? What neighborhood?” And when Beth said “near Genesee Avenue,” my heart sank. The local high school, University City high, is right near there (in fact, was the closest building to the crash itself, other than the actual homes hit). But (as you can see from the map) “near Genesee” could have easily been my mother’s house.

      I hopped on the computer right away, and found out from a local source (thank goodness I still remember the call letters of most of the TV stations out there, CNN had nothing) that it had been over by the high school. My worry subsided significantly after that, as my mother wouldn’t have had any normal reason to go near the high school…but still. I called and got no answer initially, either at home or on her cell. Turns out she was volunteering at a church which was much further away from the crash site than she would have been if she’d been at home. And she didn’t answer, because they were all in the other room, having turned on the church’s one TV and clustered around it after they heard the news. But she called me back pretty quickly. I still am trying to figure out if anyone I used to know lives down there. I remember being on those streets a few times as a kid – the Google images shot of the street-level view is familiar to me – I just can’t remember WHY or for what: Cub scouts? A long-lost friend’s house? I just don’t remember. However, I think that at times like this, grapevines you didn’t even know existed have a way of cropping up: bad news travels very quickly. I suspect that if someone I used to know had been one of the victims, I’d know about it by now.

      What’s weird to me is that for about the first four hours or so, they were operating under the assumption that there had been no fatalities. I wish it were true. When I wrote this post, there weren’t believed to be any. And all the local station had photos of was the house on fire, they didn’t have any of the wreckage in the streets. Very scary, overall. I’ll bet a lot of people in the University City/Clairemont/Mira Mesa area have been on the horn with their insurance agents to see if they’re covered for “military plane crash,” or whether they can add it to their homeowners’ policy.Thanks for the update.

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