Jack’s birthday

So, I always said I would never get pregnant in March, because I didn’t want my kid to have to share the month with the biggest holiday around. Fortunately for me, Jack LOVES having his birthday so close to Christmas as he told me on the 15th of this year, when he turned 6 years old. We had a great party on Sunday, Star Wars themed, and despite having 12 kids here, virtually all swinging light sabers, no one was injured. With a light saber. We did have one little guy rocking out on a guitar and when we swung around to finish his riff, he caught another kid just over the eyebrow with the tuning thingy, requiring 5 stitches. Ugh. Here are some pictures, taken just after karate on his actual birthday, enjoy! 

One thought on “Jack’s birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Jack! Sam had a Star Wars party too, and there was also much light-saber smacking. Fortunately for us, no stitches! Goodness!

    Sam’s birthday is JUST far enough from Christmas, but it usually means I don’t start anything Christmasy until late because I’m too busy with birthdays… (Bruce’s is Dec. 8)

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