Good riddance

I could not be happier to see this year ending. And it’s going out in pretty much the same way it’s been all year. In the last few weeks Meredith had her eye successful eye surgery, but since they put in permanent lenses correcting for distance, she’s been unable to see anything clearly close up for weeks. She’s been struggling with various reading glasses until our insurance renews and we can get her some decent ones. Our car broke and we had to unexpectedly fork out over $700 in repairs (with some still to go). We had a plumbing problem in our powder room which caused a leak through the wall down into our (newly painted and re-carpeted) basement TV room. Lars’ wallet was stolen resulting in numerous fraudulent charges, emptying our bank account and causing valid checks we wrote to bounce. Now we are dealing with the bank, credit card companies, DMV etc. And today we find out Meredith’s gallstones are indeed worse, the lining of her gallbladder is inflamed (likely the cause of many recent overnight pain sessions keeping both of us up much of the night) and she’ll likely have more surgery in the very near future.

Is it 2009 yet?

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