Remnants of 2008?

Last spring, during the worst of the HSP issues, Meredith was diagnosed with gallstones. They told us she would eventually need to have her gallbladder removed, but it wasn’t causing any problems then, so it went on the back burner.

However, lately, she’s been having bouts with severe pain and they scheduled her for an ultrasound last Wednesday. Turns out the stones are larger and the wall of the gallbladder is inflamed and irritated. Our ped gave us a referral to a pediatric surgeon and we got an appointment for January 15th.

Well, I just got a call from the ped who talked to the surgeon who said, “Uh, no, let’s get her in for pre-op on Monday.” While she could be fine until the 15th, it’s a bit of a crap shoot and if things go downhill, she’ll be in severe pain again, and facing emergency surgery. With all her other issues, they don’t want to have to make fast decisions.¬†They are also discussing pros and cons of removing her spleen at the same time. Given that she’s already on immune suppressants, they aren’t sure what to do with that.

We’re meeting the surgeon on Monday and then Meredith’s team – 2 general pediatricians, nephrologist, hematologist and ped surgeon – are all going to powwow and come back to us with information and recommendations. Chances are good that her surgery will be next week.

We’ll keep you posted.