The week in review

Let’s see
Monday – met with Meredith’s surgeon who will be taking out her gallbladder on the 22nd (we liked her). Beth’s employee, who was due to give birth in 2 weeks, called in to say she had had an emergency c-section and lost the baby….a tragic situation.

Tuesday – Back to school for the kids. Beth had issues at work and didn’t get home until about 7:30, so it was a long day. She found out that she will be relieved of one of her titles at work due to the recent acquisition. She has very mixed feelings about this, but keeps reminding herself that she didn’t get laid off which was a strong possibility.

Wednesday – Meredith made her first dinner for the family with some help from dad. We re-named it Meredith’ Apple Chicken and it was delicious!! She really wants to keep learning to cook.

Thursday – Beth had a marathon work day, not getting home until 9:30, so your intrepid reporter doesn’t know what the heck happened!
Friday – Meredith got her first pair of real glasses. They look great, and we’ll post a picture soon. She also got to “interview” our friend Kristina Riggle whose debut novel is coming out in a few months (“Real Life & Liars”, available at Amazon, Borders and the like). She really enjoyed that because she wants to be an author when she grows up. Jack had a friend sleep over, and Meredith slept over at the friend’s sisters house, so we basically traded kids. Beth fell asleep before the children!

This weekend we will be cleaning, relaxing and trying out a new church on Sunday.

That’s all folks!