A lazy Sunday morning…

So here is a recap of our Sunday morning so far (and it’s only 9:45) –

Woke up and let our brand new foster dog, Sloan, out in the back yard.  Sloan had to sleep in the baseement because he started barking about 11:30 and wouldn’t stop.  Thank God for soundproofed theater rooms.  He and Hammie are getting along well, except when we have to put Sloan’s anti-licking cone on his head…it freaks Hammie’s head off!  Made waffles and bacon for breakfast, helped to rescue a Macaw (we heard it screeching outside in  a tree, and Meredith was the only one who knew which neighbor has a Macaw, so we went and woke them up and they were so grateful…she had flown out of the garage last night).  Now we are waiting for the rain to turn to snow so we can all go for a walk with the dogs.   It’s going to be a nice, lazy day….

One thought on “A lazy Sunday morning…

  1. I know we must sound like blushing snow-virgins to those of you who live in climes where it, you know, actually snows and all…but truth be told, it’s pretty fun walking around the neighborhood and seeing it like it’s rarely ever seen: covered by an authentic (if not-very-deep) curtain of white.

    On an only semi-related note: Beth and I were marveling earlier at how much our new foster-dog, Sloan, drinks (like at least once a half-hour). Let me just put it this way:

    He’s reloading. :mrgreen:

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