An Experiment in Pop Culture Isolation (aka What Current Events?)

The Olsson clan is not big on TV.  Oh, we watch our fair share, mostly HGTV (Beth), Daily Show, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow (Lars and Beth) and Pokemon and Scooby Doo (I’ll give you two guesses), but I take a certain amount of pride in stating that I’ve never seen a single episode of American Idol.  I don’t watch Lost or 24 (although I’ve heard they are good even though it seems 24 has jumped the shark) and TiVo keeps me pretty much permanently commercial free because what I do watch is always taped.   We’ve tried to keep the kids away from the glass tit as much as we can, and we monitor what they watch.  We NEVER just keep the thing on in the background which drives me crazy.  

A few months ago, we decided to move our family room tube up to the guest room.  The goal was to keep the family room focused on family activities (games, puzzles, a capella concerts, karate demonstrations and basic wrestling matches).  I wanted it to require more of an effort to turn it on so it wouldn’t be such a habit to just plunk down in front of it.    It never really worked all that well once we moved it up to the guest room, so we had just the TV in the master bedroom and the big screen in the basement.  Still, mission accomplished – no tube on the main floor of the house.

Well, a few weeks ago, we had our roof replaced and the guys moved the satellite dish around during the process, leaving us with literally no tv at all. It’s been an interesting mix of frustration and freedom.  I have missed the stuff I usually watch, more so the politics than the other stuff.  But on the other hand, the kids and I have made some jewelry together, I’ve read more than I have in years, we worked on a puzzle for  while that turned out to be way beyond all of us.  It’s been kind of cool to not have that time just sucked away.  

I toyed with the idea of getting rid of it all together – the kids didn’t react as negatively as I thought they would; it seems even they have noticed an improvement in Family Time (FT™).  But, the truth is, I still miss racking out in bed at the end of the day with Rachel and Keith and especially Jon, so we are waiting for DirectTV to come out on Wednesday.  

Of course, it’s supposed to rain for 4 days starting on Wednesday, so we may continue the experiment longer than we anticipated….

4 thoughts on “An Experiment in Pop Culture Isolation (aka What Current Events?)

    • We still have the broadband connection, though, so I’m still drinking my news straight from the Internet firehose. 😛

  1. I miss TV, too – the aforementioned Stewart, Maddow and Colbert, especially. But c’mon, honey, you have to admit that we were starting to look like this:


  2. We FINALLY have TV back!! Yay! Now….[rubs hands]….to return to our persistent vegetative state!

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