My baby boy (ok, not such a baby anymore) read an entire book to me today!  He picked a classic – “Green Eggs and Ham” – and actually read it.  I wondered if it might have just been memorized but after the first couple of pages, I knew he was actually reading because he would correct himself on a few words.    I am so proud of him and he’s very proud of himself. Well done, Jack!

And, drumroll please…..Meredith is officially off all her HSP meds!!  Yay!!!  She had her most recent urine tests this week and she was normal all around!!  She’s so excited, as are we, and we go into maintenance urine tests every 3 months now.   HSP doesn’t really go away, but goes into remission (which can be a few months or forever…we are hoping for the latter) so we are taking our good news and celebrating!  Well done, Meri!!

3 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!

  1. That’s really great on both accounts. So glad to hear that Meri’s health problems seem to at least be taking a vacation. And that’s very cool on the Jack end too.

  2. Congratulations kids. Two big milestones and certainly celebration-worthy! Great news Beth. 🙂

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