What the hell was I thinking???

WHY did I think the wallpaper was ugly?  Why did I start, in a fit of frustration one day, to peel of pieces of that in-retrospect-not-so-ugly wallpaper?  WHY did I think it would be a good idea to get a gorgeous new vanity from Expo at more than 60% off??  That’s not a good idea…that’s a recipe for disaster, that’s what it is.  Savings be damned.

We decided we were finally going to re-do the powder room.  It’s the bathroom we use the most, being on the main floor and all, and the only one most guests in our home ever see.  It is a decent size, but had this really hideous green/silver foil shell wallpaper that was god-awful.  Have I mentioned that it was ugly?  Make that fugly.  The pedestal sink was….tolerable…but provided no storage space, and the gaudy faux brass faucets were peeling and showing their own fugly side.  A few months ago, in a fit of pique, I randomly began pulling off strips of the wallpaper.  And that was all that happened.  Until a few weeks ago. 

There were a number of events that brought our powder room remodel into alignment.  Our toilet handle was broken, so Lars broke out the suede tool belt and a beer, and fixed that, including a shiny new handle.  At the same time, Home Depot Expo decided to shut down, and began offering staggering savings on some really choice materials.   That kind of kicked things off.  We knew we wanted to paint, and figured it wouldn’t be too hard to peel the wallpaper, patch-n-paint, put in the vanity and voila!

HAHAHAHAHA!!  Who were we kidding??? 😈 

The cheap ass builder didn’t prime the walls. So after spending a solid week with a scoring tool, some goopy glue solvent and a scraper, we knew we’d have to rip out the drywall.  There was no way around it.  Demo was fun in the beginning, but quickly became a huge chore, especially when we realized that the trim would all have to come out too.  And we needed a few fan, so we got a cool one with a light in it, but that of course required a significant amount of re-wiring.  After buying it and brining it home, OF COURSE, it wouldn’t fit in the space where the current fan was, so we we had to build a new dropped ceiling (significant carpentry).  And so on.

So, now, 3 weeks later, Lars has got the sweat and I’ve got the blood and tears.  I’ve stepped on two nails (drawing blood), I dropped a drill right onto my left foot leaving a pretty serious puncture wound, and dropped a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood onto my leg and right foot leaving a 4 inch contusion on my leg and huge purple bruise across the top of my foot.  Ouch.   😯 

But, I am pleased to report that, 3 weeks and 487 trips to home depot later, the new drywall is in.  Sort of.  We have on small patch left to fit.  And we have 1/2 the room left to mud and sand.  But still…that’s progress, right? 😕 

Lars has permanently banned HGTV and the DIY Network from our satellite subscription.

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  1. P.S. – Apu says “hi.”

    Actually, he says “disobedient women are to be disciplined with the lash,” but I’m sort of interpreting the intention behind the literal words. 😆

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