Apologies For The Service Interruption

That’s what the service tech from AT&T said to me. He was a nice enough guy…but it had taken AT&T over 72 hours to send him out.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, lemme tell ya: April 15 is – according to the Farmer’s Almanac, etc. – the day when it’s supposed to be safe to start planting seedlings in your garden outside in north Georgia. So the Olssons – along with probably half of the rest of the city – hoisted ourselves down to the local Pike nursery to buy various gardening-related stuff for this summer’s veggie garden (stay tuned, LOL). We also went to Home Depot and rented a tiller, so we could re-amend the soil. To give you the rest of the story, I have to rewind the clock to about November of last year, though. That’s approximately the time when I finally called AT&T to come out and permanently bury our phone wire (which also carries our DSL service). We’d had them run a new temporary line a while back, after we kept having intermittency issues with our DSL line.

As soon as we had it replaced, it worked fine….but it was also splayed out across our front yard unattractively. So, last November, I finally got around to calling AT&T and getting them to come out and bury the wire.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

Of course, since I didn’t actually watch the cable-buriers do all of their job, I was startled to discover that they had buried our phone/DSL cable….directly through the flowerbed in the front of the house, on the left side. And HOW did I discover this? Why, when our rented tiller CUT THROUGH THE DAMN THING. Various cursing ensued, of course.

And after figuring out which department at AT&T I needed to speak to, and going through their voice jail mail system, they told me, quite pleasantly, that they’d be out to fix my line sometime on TUESDAY!

More cursing. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Anyway, all of this is by way of saying that not only was AT&T sorry that MY service was interrupted (though not sorry enough to send someone out to the house sooner than today), I, in turn, am sorry that our web site and our mail server have been out for nearly four days. If you’ve tried to send email to anyone here using the @olssons.us accounts, you’ve probably received bounce-backs. Not to worry, we are as of now officially up and running again. And t his time, we asked AT&T not to run the wire, er, stupidly.