Change Of Venue – Please Read


Well, the time has come (the walrus said), for me to bifurcate my blogging interests in twain. As of today, I will be moving my politically-oriented stuff to a completely separate blog. Join me after the jump for details of why and where you can find my new politics-only digs after the jump.

When I started this blog, it was always with the intention of having it be a family-only affair; something which could be used to document the news and happenings of the Olsson family for that small group of family and friends who cared to find out about such things.

Those of you who know me, however, also know that one of my own personal passions is politics, especially in the doom-struck era of Dubya (and continuing up to today). Heck, even if you just come here for the Olsson family updates, it would be difficult, these days, to avoid getting the impression that I follow politics pretty closely – what with me posting at least one or two political posts lately for every family-focused one.

In the early days, when I started posting up political tidbits that I thought were just too good not to share, it was always with an apologetic sentence or two as a prefix. Something to the effect about how I promised myself that I was going to keep this blog as a completely family-focused affair. And in truth, I meant it. But the problem has been that I just never took the time to create another, separate blog for my political musings. The result has been that the more I have things of a political nature that I want to write about, the more have ended up – for lack of anywhere else for me to put them – here, alongside the posts about swim team or Meredith’s health or anything else. I suspect that may have annoyed some of you who are genuinely interested in reading about our family but could do without my amateur punditry.

However, in addition to wanting to apologize for abusing the stated nature of this blog – as well as perhaps the disposition of anyone who was annoyed by it – I’m also writing this to announce that, as of today, I will no longer be posting any politically-based stuff up here. Why? Have I given up the habit?


I’ve just finally gotten off the dime and created a new home for what used to affectionately be called the “Rants” category. As of today, for any of you who have actually enjoyed my political musings, you can find them at Post Tenebras Lux. That phrase – Post Tenebras Lux – is obviously Latin. It means “after darkness, light,” and it was the original motto of first the Calvinists and, later, the entire Protestant Reformation. It may seem a bit of an odd choice for the title of a political blog, especially since it is neither grounded in nor in any way concerning Christianity in particular or religion in general. But I always did enjoy the Calvinists’ notion of progress being akin to waking from a dark dream, or coming from darkness into light. If you’ve bothered to read any of my political posts here over the past couple of years, then you probably already know that I think we are in one of the more-critical periods in our history right now — and also, potentially,¬†one of the darkest. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and in addition to the displacement that always brings with it, there are forces already aligned to steer the direction of that change in ways which are profoundly detrimental to – and antithetical to the best sustaining concepts of – our country, and thus, by extension, the world.

But before I get carried away here again, and wind up breaking my promise before the ink’s even dry on it, let me invite anyone who agrees with me – or even has simply enjoyed some of what I’ve written here on subjects non-Olsson-Family-related, LOL – to join me over at Post Tenebras Lux to continue the conversation. I will be deleting the politically-based posts I’ve made over the years (and with them, the comments), but don’t worry – they’ve all been transferred over to the new blog, if anyone needs or wants to refer to old stuff. And although I don’t know exactly how the signup/commenting procedure works over there (because this isn’t hosted by me personally), I’d encourage anyone who wishes to do so to sign up for an account at the new digs, and post a comment. Hope to see you there!