Jack’s First Christmas Present

New EARS!!!

Yep, that’s right: it’s Wednesday, December 23, and since we have nothing else on the calendar, we thought we’d just schedule ourselves a surgery for our boy.

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No, seriously, though: Jack and Meredith have both had ear tubes previously, so 1) we’re not particularly worried (as surgeries go, this is about as low-risk as it gets, even though he will be under anaesthesia), and 2) we know what to expect. I’ll give everyone updates as they happen. 🙂

12:38: Check-in at the desk. Jack seems relaxed, we are shown into a pre-op room. Lars assures surgical nurse that we’re frequent fliers.

1:29: Jack is (unexpectedly) called back to surgery early (he was supposed to go between 2:00 and 2:30, but one of the earlier kids apparently drank orange juice, so they had to scratch his surgery. Good news for us!

1:34: Beth returns to pre-op room, says Jack went down very peacefully. Good news again. We are shown into a recovery room to await Jack’s return.

1:51: Wow, that was FAST! Dr. Thomsen really knows what he’s doing. Jack’s already back, and waking up from anaesthesia.