It’s slick out there!!

Panicked Atlantans make sure they're stocked up on milk as a flurry fell in the area on Jan. 7, 2010. The Publix here, wasn't so stocked.

Because we blew off the “run, get milk, bread and beer” frenzied rush to the grocery store on Wednesday, we realized this afternoon that we were seriously out of of milk, bread and beer. And really didn’t have much in the way of dinner or breakfast. A grocery run had to be made. I decided to chance it and got down the driveway with no problem. I had some trouble getting started up our street from the bottom of our driveway, but eventually got that too. Then I turned onto Tullmore. About 30 yards down, I realized that with one small clear spot, it was essentially all ice, the whole way down. I carefully aimed for the clear spot (in the middle of the street) and managed to come to a stop there. I was too scared to go farther down, but knew I couldn’t go up. I also saw 4 cars parked at the bottom of the hill that hadn’t made it up. My neighbor Bob came over and he was coaching me on how to get to the bottom when we saw another neighbor, Pete, turn onto Tullmore from the main road. He was in his Range Rover, and he was being cautious, he came on up past us and headed toward the top.

Then, he lost his traction. And in that slow motion ways that cars on ice do, he slowly pirouetted right back down the hill. He hit a mailbox on the way – not hard, but simply pressed against it with the rear passenger side until it gave way and his truck kept going. Right toward me.

I was afraid to look. Bob, standing a few feet away from me on the sidewalk gave me the play by play: “He’s heading toward you, getting closer, HOLD ON!!!”

And somehow – he missed me. Bob said it was by just a few inches. He circled his way on down the hill and made it into the lower cul-de-sac.

I did make it to the grocery store, but didn’t even try to drive up the hill. I just parked at the end of the street and hauled my butt, and all the groceries, all the way up. By the way, I didn’t buy any beer – it’s too heavy. 🙂