Instant Karma Got Me

Literally! Check this out:

terrapin rye pale ale case

The Reward!

So, on the way back from the Yorktown trip this weekend – about five hours’ drive, ugh – we drove past a small SUV beside the road. As we passed, I could see that the hood was up. As it had been intermittently raining and there were no other cars stopped, I thought I’d check it out and see if the people inside were all right or needed help.

I had to back up almost half a mile or so, because – as I mentioned – I only saw that the hood was up when we were almost on top of the vehicle, and by the time I’d checked my rear-view mirror, signaled, applied the brakes and come to a stop, we were a ways up the road. I’m sure the guys inside thought we were nuts, traveling in reverse for half a mile along the side of the highway, but they knew we were coming to help them. I got out, and as I did, two young-ish men got out of the SUV. They thanked us for stopping, and when I asked what was wrong and if they needed help, they said they thought they might only need a jump. They also said they’d been sitting there for a while, and no one had stopped.

Since they had jumper cables, I maneuvered our car around so the front-ends of the two cars were close to one another, and we tried to jump-start their car. It turned over nicely – even stayed on for a while…but kept cutting out again. I’m no mechanic – and told them so – but I said I figured it might be a voltage regulator or alternator, since the engine sounded fine (when it was on), and it started up well enough from the jumper cables, but it just wouldn’t stay on. The two men – Ranger and John – got out to check if there was anything we could see that was obviously wrong. There wasn’t. I asked if they needed a ride anywhwere – like to the next gas station, so they could get help. They both had cell phones, though, and John told me they were traveling with another vehicle which was about 40 miles away, and coming to help them. Then John got a hesitant look on his face and asked me tentatively: “so….do you drink beer?”

After suppressing the urge to laugh in his face (those of you who know my fondness for beer know why I had the urge to laugh), I managed a composed “um, yes I do….why?” John answered me by saying “because Ranger and I work at this brewery in Athens, and…”

“Really? Which one,” I interrupted. “Terrapin,” they replied, “and we’re definitely giving you some beer, here.” And, with that, they popped open the hatch on the SUV and pulled out the above – a full case of Terrapin Rye Pale Ale…a fine brew if ever there was one. I protested (feebly, I admit, LOL), saying that I hadn’t really been able to help them, but they repeated that nobody else had stopped, and besides, it was theirs to give out. So I made sure they didn’t need a ride or anything else, Jack and I said our goodbyes, and off we went….one case of excellent beer heavier. Who says no good deed goes unpunished? :mrgreen:

Anyway, I hope those guys made it back to Athens all right – I’m sure they needed a tow truck; I just hope it wasn’t too much of a hassle. And I thank them, again, for the beer! Hey, I’ll plug it: got a party coming up? Get some Terrapin, your guests will love it! I love the Rye Pale Ale, also the India Style Brown Ale, and – if you’re feeling adventurous – the Big Hoppy Monster (mmmmm…..).

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