Only one more year of single digits!

Birthday girl!Meredith turned nine last weekend.  It’s quite cliche, but I honestly can’t believe my little girl is nine.  She has grown a lot lately, physically and emotionally.  After her 1 year hiatus on growth during steroids, she really seems to be making up for lost time.  She’s about 4′ 9″ now and it boggles my mind that in the next year or so, she will as tall as some adult women.   She seems to be having lots of mood swings and emotions, something that I didn’t think would happen for another 2-3 years, but my friends with older kids tell me that 3rd grade is when it first starts.  If she’s mercurial now, I’ve got to really hunker down because I can’t imagine her at 13.

We had a slumber party for her birthday and I think it went quite well overall.  Lars was appalled at the drama, but since I’ve attended many more elementary school girl slumber parties than he has, I reassured him that it was really pretty low on the drama richter scale.  Overall, I think they had a great time and once we finally got everyone settled down at about 1:00 am, we crashed as well.  Pictures here.

After breakfast on Sunday (her actual birthday), we went to the zoo.  We had been a little worried that it might be too cold, but the sun was out and the wind was calm making the mid-40’s temps feel fine.  The bonus was that the cool temps had all the animals in the zoo awake, alert and moving around.  We could hear the lion roaring throughout the day all the way across the zoo.  The pandas were awake and eating, the kangaroos we hopping about, the gorillas were catching apples their keeper was tossing to them.  It was really cool.  Photos and close up video of the lion to come.

After the zoo, we had dinner at Meredith’s favorite restaurant, and then came home to watch a great superbowl game.  All in all a terrific weekend.