Snowpocalypse – The Southern Version

This time, we didn’t screw around, and made sure we had our bread, milk and beer before the storm hit.  I decided to work from home Friday as the forecasters said it was going to start snowing about 9:00 am.  Of course, it didn’t actually start snowing until about 1:00 pm.  (When do I get to have a job where I’m wrong that much of the time with absolutely no repercussions? LOL).  But when it came, it really came!  We ended up with somewhere between 3-4 inches when it was all finished around midnight Friday.  Snowpocalypse 2010

Not long after it started, Lars and I took a walk around the circle, and I discovered that I am married to the snowball fight Pied Piper.  Three neighborhood kids (none of our own) followed us around the entire circle carrying on a good-natured snowball fight with my hubby.  I’m not sure if they had more fun, or if he did. 🙂

Hammie loved the snow.  I think it brought out the “husky” in my lab-husky mix.  He got out and frolicked all afternoon while the kids were building snowmen.  He also wore himself out!  When he finally came in, he crashed hard.

Much of the snow on the streets melted on Saturday, but we’ve had some re-freezing/black ice issues, so we are content to stay home.  And, they are now saying we’re going to get another 1-2 inches tonight.  Don’t know if I’ll be in the office tomorrow or not.  If you’ve seen my driveway, you know what I”m talking about.

Pictures are here….enjoy!

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  1. Oh, man – this ain’t Snowpocalypse, dear. It’s more like SnowIrritation – at least compared to what they had elsewhere, such as this:

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