Meredith and Jack with EJ!This is now more than a little overdue, but I was waiting to be able to get the pictures we took (not many) from this event in the Olsson’s life. Namely: our old friend EJ from the Bay Area (occasionally) and Paris stopped by on his way home from New Orleans and stayed with us for a couple of days. I have to be honest, when we received the first email from EJ saying that he was going to be in the area, and we saw that the dates were going to be (literally) immediately after we got back from our Disney World trip, neither Beth nor I were particularly enthused. Not because we didn’t want to see EJ, but because we’d scheduled Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day) as sort of rest, recoup, unpack days before charging head-on back into work (Beth) and summer with the kids (me). In fact, had it been anyone else, including family, we’d probably have taken a pass on it.

But we are SO glad we didn’t. Our decision was made primarily because EJ and his family now live most of the time in Paris. They’ve been in the states for almost a year now…but they just don’t have any reason to get out our way. And, on the times when we’ve gone out there in the past, our visits haven’t coincided with when they were in the Bay Area. So we rarely get to see them. And this visit reminded us of why we missed that so much. It was just wonderful to see EJ – we only wished we could have seen the rest of the family, too. But EJ showed us so many photos of family events and vacations that by the time he was ready to leave, we almost felt as if we’d seen them, too. We went to dinner one night, to lunch at Diesel the next day, played around in the park, and just generally had fun. All too short, but a great time.